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King Faisal University

Camel Research Center

  1. Board of directors:

    The board of directors comprises the Director of the Centre and five members from the academic staff at the university. At present, the Board of Directors consists of 1-Prof. Dr. Marzook M Al Eknah (Director of the Centre) 2-Prof. Dr. Yousef Mohammad Alyousef 3-Prof. Dr. Seif Eldawala Barakat 4-Prof. Dr. Hassan Abdel Moneem El-Demerdash. 5-Prof. Dr. Sabry Mohamed El-Bahr. 6-Dr. Adel Ibrahim Al Alsheikh Mubarak

  2.  Units of the Centre

    a-The Centre has the following units of research directions as following:

    1)    Obstetrics, reproduction and embryo transfer unit: this unit includes specializing studies in infertility, obstetrics, artificial insemination and embryo transfer.


    2)    Diseases and infection: this unit works on researches related to viral, bacterial and parasites causes of illness in camels using conventional and modern gene-based techniques


    b- Laboratories

    The Centre has a general lab that includes many of the important equipment for performing basic experiments as well as a specialized lab for the scientific chair in modern reproduction techniques and a recent molecular diagnostic laboratory. Besides, the Centre can use labs that belong to the faculty of veterinary medicine and animal resources.

    c- Pens

    The Centre has a specializing modern pen divided in two basic parts: the first part is a built pen for the camels and includes a herd of dromedary camels of different breeds and ages. The second part is a natural pasture full of pastoral natural plants in the kingdom.

    d- Equipment and facilities

    With a generous support from the University Administration and in the framework of providing the Centre with the latest technology, the Centre was able during the past three years of obtaining many modern scientific devices that cost close to 700 000 SAR.

    e- Information unit

    This unit works on collecting all possible sources of information related to camels, such as books, references and theses, in addition to the versions published by the center.

    f-The permanent exhibition of camels

    This exhibition identifies camels as a national treasure, in addition to showing the most important scientific achievements and works of the center, which would show the real image of the Development of the scientific renaissance in the king Faisal University in particular and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in general. This exhibition participates in all scientific national and international forums