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King Faisal University

Camel Research Center

Modern Techniques Application for Camel Reproduction Scientific Chair


Over the next decade , the camel industry will have to compete in a rapidly changing world enviroment arising from increased competitiveness, and increased consumer demands for higher  quality, healthier and safer food. To become competitive in this enviroment, the scale and efficiency of production will have to increase significantly. New approaches and technologies will be needed to achieve this . Artificial insemination(AI) and embryo transfer will be central to achieve  any development for this wealth.

Therefore, the CRC is designing this project, to improve camel reproduction efficiency  through the application of AI and embryo transfer, with particular

reference  to establishment of semen and embryos bank from superior camels.



Achievement of excellence in camel reproduction researchers


Achievement of modern technologies  in camel reproduction to improve production and reproductive  efficiency.



This chair aims to achieve the following objectives:

1-Development of camel wealth through the application of camel reproduction modern technique  that would increase  production and reproduction efficiency

2-Attracting competent and distinguished scientist to execute the program of the chair, develop scientific research  and research studies , beside providing new sources of information to serve application and education.

3-Provision of all facilities to establish a modern research unit (like the lab and embryo and semen freezing unit) and semen cryobanks.

4-Holding workshop, conferences and focusing on training courses in camel reproduction.

Reseach project: 

1. Application of artificial  insemination (A1) and cryobanks

2. Application of Embryo Transfer (ET) technology and camel embryo banks.