King Faisal University

Camel Research Center

 Units and Facilities

1- Physiochemistery and Anatomy Unit
This unit aims at establishing criteria and characteristics of the Arabian camel, such as blood components parameters, hormones, the ability to control body fluids and bearing thirst, as well as adaptability to the environment
2- Disease and Control Unit
This unit is concerned with studies related to the causes of diseases, such as bacteria, viruses, parasites as well as internal and transmissible diseases and methods of treatment, control and prevention.
3- Surgery and Reproduction Unit
 This unit comprises studies specialized in surgery, radiology, anesthesia, reproduction, infertility, artificial insemination and embryo transfer.
4-Nutrition, Breeding and Genetics Unit
This unit deals with matters related to animal nutrition, behavior, and health management, as well as providing optimal conditions for maximum productivity.
The center has a general lab containing a number of important devices to conduct basic experiments. In addition, the center uses all the labs affiliated to the College of Veterinary Medicine.
6-Ranches and Stockyards
 The center has a modern and specialized ranch divided into two main sections. The first part is a stockyard built for animals that include a herd of camels of different types and ages, while the second part is composed of natural pastures where the animals can feed on the local plants.
7- Information Unit
This unit includes all the information sources related to camels, such as books, references, periodicals, scientific papers in addition to all the publications of the center.
8-The permanent Camel Exhibition
This exhibition shows camels as a form of national wealth. In addition, it presents the most important scientific achievements of the center, which reflect the bright image of the scientific progress in KFU and in the Kingdom as a whole. This exhibition also takes part in scientific forums locally and internationally.