King Faisal University


Raman spectroscopy laboratory analysis.

Intertek laboratories provide Raman spectroscopy analytical expertise to industry, research and other clients.

Raman applications include measuring molecular and crystallographic orientation. Samples analyzed by Raman spectroscopy include proteins, polymers, pharmaceuticals, inorganics, minerals and other sample types. Solids, liquids, solutions and gases are analyzed with confidence. Real-time Raman spectroscopy allows reactions to be followed in the laboratory or on-line at production sites.


Raman spectroscopy techniques:

  • Wide range of dispersive Raman Spectrometers
    • 488 nm, 532 nm, 633 nm and 785 nm laser excitation
    • Portable or lab based
    • Macro or microscopic analysis
    • Variable temperature studies
    • Polarisation analysis for measuring molecular orientation


  • Raman Microscopy and Mapping:
    • Confocal Raman microscopy with 633 HeNe and 785 nm diode laser excitation
    • Non-destructive depth profiling
    • Analysis of microscopic samples or regions of a sample down to 1 um3
    • Automated spectral mapping with motorised stage, yielding chemical images with 1 um3 spatial resolution
    • Mapping and imaging of chemical composition, crystallinity, orientation, strain, additive migration, etc.
    • Coating characterisation, cure, stratification, uniformity, etc.