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King Faisal University

The National Research Center for Giftedness and Creativity

 Membership of the Center

Article (1) Definitions:

 The following expressions, wherever they may occur, shall have the following meanings hereunder assigned to them:

  University: King Faisal University.

  Center: The National Research Center for Giftedness and Creativity at King Faisal University.

  Board of Directors: Board of Directors of the National Research Center for Giftedness and Creativity.

  Membership: Membership of the National Research Center for Giftedness and Creativity.

 Article (2): The objectives of the regulation

   The National Research Center for Giftedness and Creativity at King Faisal University was established by the Higher Education Council Resolution No. 28/54/1430, during its fifty-fourth session held on 14/5/1430 Hijri. This resolution was approved upon the royal decree No. 48822544 / Hijri, dated to 29/5/1430 Hijri.  This reflects the University's firm belief of the importance of developing giftedness and creativity among nations and peoples as a strategic choice. This regulation has been developed in order to establish a membership system for the Center that consists of those who are interested in talent and creativity in order to achieve an effective community partnership that may achieve the objectives of fostering talent and creativity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Saudi.

 Article (3): Membership of the Center:

-  Associate Membership:

The Center may accept associate members (individuals or entities) according to the following conditions:

          1. The applicant should be interested in the center's field.

          2. To pay the annual contributions determined by the Center.

          3. to be approved by the center.

          4. In addition to any other conditions that the center may impose.


       - Honorary membership:

          The Center shall be granted honorary membership upon a decision of the Board of Directors for those who have contributed to the development of the Center's areas of interest or provided financial or moral services. The honorary member shall be exempted from paying membership fees.


Article (4): Membership privileges:

1.     Take advantage from center's services.

2.     The priority should be focused on seminars and courses attendance through the sponsorship of the center.

3.     Obtain publications and periodicals.

4.     Obtain center's peer-reviewed journal.

5.     The priority should be on the participation in researches and center's studies.

Article (5): Membership termination:

The membership shall be terminated –as mentioned in article (3)- by a decision issued by the center's management in one of the following conditions:

1.     Member withdrawal or death.

2.     If s/he did not pay membership fees after one year of entitlement.

3.     If s/he forfeited a single term of the membership.

4.     If s/he acts any activity that will cause material or moral harmful towards the center.

Article (6): Re-Admission:

It is allowed to re-admit the membership by a center's management decision when s/he forfeited it based on his/her own request if the reasons of membership termination ceased to exist as set out in article (5).

Article (7): General Provisions:

1.     Material returns will be deposited in accordance to the university applicable provisions.

2.     Disbursement from the material benefits shall be subjected to all university applicable financial disciplines.

3.     The university applicable provisions will be implemented unless this regulation contained any specific provision.

4.     This regulation will be entered into force from the date of it issued by the center's board, any conflicts hereby will be terminated.