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King Faisal University

The National Research Center for Giftedness and Creativity

 Departments of the Center

1. Academic Programs Department
This department has the following tasks:
- Draw a training policy that satisfies the needs of the higher educational institutions and the educational field regarding creativity and giftedness.
- Develop programs that sponsor creative and gifted individuals within the higher educational institutions and community as well as developing plans for training programs targeted universities’ staff in particular, and teaching staff in the educational field in general.

2. Research and Studies Department
This department has the following tasks:
- Follow up the progress of research works in the center.
- Suggest scientific studies headings that touch the needs of the field regarding sponsoring creativity and giftedness, and provide technical and financial support to them. 
- Identify training and development needs through conducting scientific studies and sequential extrapolations relating to the pedagogical situation in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
- Developing worksheets and scientific studies to be presented in scientific forums, regionally and internationally.

3. Training and Consulting Support Department
This department has the following tasks:
- Coordinate with competent parties in the General Directorate of Sponsoring Talented People in: the Ministry of Education, King Abdulaziz and his Companions for Giftedness and Creativity, Academic Institutions and Private Training Institutions in order to establish training sessions and various  workshops that may address the following areas:
- Integrating thinking skills and scientific research in university courses and general education curricula.
- Educational process management.
- Sponsoring creativity and giftedness.
- Organizing meetings and seminars for faculty members in the university and other parties from outsides the university.
- Providing consulting and advisory services in educational and research fields for individuals, institutions, research centers, public and private organizations in the fields of discovering gifted and creative skills and how to sponsor them.
- Providing Psychological and social services for gifted students in the university and their families.
- Providing educational consultancies for various educational sectors about planning and sponsoring gifted and talented students in higher educational institutions and public educational schools in accordance with their psychological and mental abilities and needs.

4. Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation Department
This department has the following tasks:
- Work on achieving accreditation for academic programs provided by the center.
- Fulfill the quality assurance requirements of the center.
- Establish academic accreditation system with a reference to international accreditation organizations, in order to achieve accreditation to programs and training courses.

5. Media and Community Engagement Department
This department has the following tasks:
- Develop the center’s newsletters and advertisements.
- Organize the center’s meetings and seminars.
- Communicate with outside bodies that are closely related to the center’s work.