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King Faisal University

The National Research Center for Giftedness and Creativity

Arab Journal for Giftedness and Creativity​​

 Scientific Journal

Publishing Rules in the Journal
1. The journal publishes original scientific research that follow the steps of scientific research methodology recognized internationally, in the areas of talent, creativity and excellence. The research must be written in either Arabic or English and has never been published before in another journal, conference or periodical through submitting a written Acknowledgement by the researcher or the researchers involved in this research.
2. The research will not be published just after refereeing and approving for publication. After publication, it is not allowed to publish the research in the same way in any language, with any other party unless there is a written notice by the Board Chef Editor.
3. Manuscripts submitted for publication reflect the ideas, opinions, findings and conclusions of the authors only and do not reflect the policy and opinion of the journal.
4. The research must be written in one of the two following methods:
• A) Empirical Research:  Starts with an introduction that presents the background of the research, the need for it, and justifications for conducting it.  Related studies should be integrated in the introduction without allocating sub-titles. Then, present the problem followed by the objectives and questions or hypotheses followed by methods that include: population, sample, materials, and procedures. Data analysis should be included followed by the results and discussion including recommendations. References should be at the end of the manuscript .
• B) Theoretical Analytical Research:  Starts by an introduction that paves the way for the central idea to be discussed by the research and illustrates the literature review, importance and its scientific addition to its field. Then present the method followed by sections of the study. Each section must reveal a certain idea that represents part of the central idea. The manuscript should be ended by a comprehensive summary that includes the most significant results that the study concluded. References should be at the end of the manuscript.
5. References and resources are to be documented in accordance with the American Psychological Association (APA) -sixth edition- whether research provided in English or Arabic. For more information visit the site:
6. The Editorial Board considers the research submitted for publication before sending to the referees. After approval of the Editorial Board, the research is sent for two referees, and then reviewed again by the Editorial Board.
7. The researcher sends a copy of the research on a CD, after conducting all the required amendments and the acceptance of the research for publication in the Journal.
10. One copy of the Journal will be sent to the researcher's address in addition to (10) copies of the research.
Rules of Research Submission
1. Researcher submits three versions of the research printed on (A4) paper and on one side double- spaced "including margins, references, excerpts, tables and appendices". The margins are (2.5 cm) for top, bottom and both sides of the page. An electronic copy of the research should be inclosed. Journal may accept research on the following e-mail:
2. The research is printed using (Ms-Word). The researcher shall use Simplified Arabic font for research which written in Arabic with font size 14. In addition, Simplified Arabic font is used for English research, but the font size is 12. Line spacing is (1.5) and the number of research pages is around 30 pages.
3. Arabic and English abstracts shall be provided (250 words as maximum), in two separate pages including research keywords (not more than 5 words) in alphabetical order in addition to the title without mentioning the name or researcher / researchers info.
4. In case, the researcher used a test, a measure, or a questionnaire, he must submit a full copy of these tools.
5. Researcher / researchers offer written acknowledgment stating that the research has not been published and it is not a part of Master or PhD thesis or even a part of a published book, and at the same time, it is not submitted to any other party until the end of the refereeing procedures.
6. References and resources are to be documented in accordance with the American Psychological Association (APA) -sixth edition- whether research provided in English or Arabic.
Examples of Documentation in Arabic are shown in the Arabic page
Examples of Documentation in English: