King Faisal University

The National Research Center for Giftedness and Creativity

 The Second Scientific Forum


Under the care of His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Fahad the Prince of the Eastern Province and in the presence of His Highness Prince Badr bin Mohammed bin Jalawi Al Saud, the Governor of Al-Ahsa, the second forum was implemented. It was titled as: "giftedness care ... start early," on 17-18-19 / 6/1431 AH.

The key speakers 

Prof. Dr. Albert Ziegler

Dr. Abdullah M. Aljughaiman

Dr. Alaa A. Ayoub

Prof. Dr. Mohamed A. Ghoneim

Dr. Dalal Abdu

Dr. Qais N. Asfour

Dr. Walaa R. Mustafa

Dr. Mohamed A. Moneim

Dr. Houidh H. Al-Reedy

Dr. AbdulHakeem R. Saeed

Mrs. Radwa A. Al-Shimi

Mrs. Huda E. Al-Eisa

Dr. Zainab A. Ghraib

Mrs. Mona A. Al-Balawi

Mr. Mansour Subhi

Mrs. Nouf Y. Al-Khaybari

Prof. Dr. Jiannong Shi

Prof. Dr. Nansook Park

Dr. Yusri M. Juda

Mr. Mohammad Al-khamis

Dr. Hanan F. Al-Sheikh

Mrs. Reem A. Al-Amoudi

Dr. Ghazi Chakroun

Prof. Dr. Heidrun Stoeger

Dr. Adel Al-Qaeed

Dr. Ali Jasim

Dr. Khalil Al-Harbi

Dr. Mohammed Qamari

Dr. Iqbal Z. Drandary

Dr. Osama H. Maegene

Dr. Ahmad Nabawi

Dr. Omar M. Al-Moammar

Dr. Adel Batarjee

Dr. Khaled Arab