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King Faisal University

The National Research Center for Giftedness and Creativity

To be known internationally for research, development, community service and collaboration

To contribute to research, to help with philosophical and institutional development, foster a culture in the local community and fulfil regional and international collaboration, vis-à-vis giftedness and creativity

Research, Development, Community & Collaboration

Strategic Goals
1.  To contribute to research
2. To help with philosophical and institutional development
3. To foster a culture of giftedness and creativity in local communities
4. To fulfil regional and international collaboration and exchange.

Centre History
The “seed” of the Centre was merely an idea presented by the Dean of Teachers’ College Prof. Abdullah Aljughaiman to the Rector of the University Prof. Yousef Al-Jindan, based on which the Rector made a decision (No. 631/1/17 / A, dated 11/08/2008) to establish a unit named "Research Unit of Giftedness and Creativity". This Unit was located in a room shared with another unit. Then, the Saudi Council of Higher Education approved the foundation of the Centre (Decision No. 28/54 /1430H, dated 9/5/2009) with a budget of SAR80,000,000. This decision was approved by His Majesty the King (No. 4882/MB, dated 24/5/2009). The Centre was first located in a small building and then has been moved to an independent space. The Centre aspires to become an international institute and move to a spacious building in the form of a dome. Although the work on this dome is still in progress, the dome has become a landmark of the University. Most members of the University’s Council, in its ninth meeting held on 31/5/2011, have recommended the approval of the proposal to convert the centre into an ‘institute’. The Minister of Higher Education approved the decision, as reported in the letter from the Secretary-General of the Council of Higher Education and Universities (No. 1604/A dated 10/7/2011). The first director of the Centre was Prof. Abdullah Aljughaiman, followed by Dr Muhana Al Dulami, then Prof. Ibrahim Al Subati, Prof. Hamdan Al-Mohammed and, currently, Dr Abdulrahman Al Lily.