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King Faisal University

Center Of Document& Administrative Communication

who are we
The Center for Documents and Administrative Communications is considered one of the scientific centers at King Faisal University, which specializes in dealing and preserving important documents and archives with which the university deals. It is also considered the channel through which the university deals and all of its papers and decisions are poured into administrative communications within the university or between the university and other external parties. The Center for Documents and Communications is divided Administrative to the Documents and Archives Center and the Administrative Communications Department:

First: Documents and Archives Center:
The volume of documents produced in the government apparatus increases with the passage of time and the increase in the activity of the apparatus without the presence of a specialized administrative unit concerned with them, following up on their status, organizing, preserving and disposing of them, which leads to their numbers becoming enlarged, accumulated, destroyed, and some of them being lost with the passage of time, and the difficulty of finding what is needed from them, and thus not Take advantage of it. Therefore, it justified the urgent need in the state agencies to create a system of documents and archives and establish the National Center for Documents and Archives, which was entrusted with many tasks, including developing regulations, plans and programs for state documents affairs.
Therefore, royal approval was issued on the general policy for documents and archives, the executive regulations, and the unified plan for classification and coding, all of which aim to take care of documents, how to benefit from them, and get rid of what has no value and what is no longer needed by creating a specialized department in each government agency called (the Document Center). The University’s Document Center truly represents its memory and is the natural place into which all its documents are poured, regardless of their types (paper documents, microfilm documents, audio documents, visual documents, audio-visual documents, electronic documents, etc.) and their degrees of importance (normal, confidential, very confidential, top secret), which is the meaning. By collecting and preserving them, it is the main tributary that supplies the National Center for Documents and Archives with official documents
In addition to the information it needs about university documents, it represents the National Center in implementing systems, regulations and plans for documents and archives in the administrative apparatus. Its presence also provides an effective tool for preserving and maintaining documents and linking and completing their information.

Second: Administrative Communications Department:
The amazing scientific and technological progress, which increases the speed and accuracy of information, has created the need to establish a specialized center for administrative communications at all levels, whether within the university, linking all colleges and deanships of the university, centers and departments, and linking them to each other through a form of administrative communications, as well as linking the university with all parts of the country. Serving the off-campus community. Therefore, there was a need to establish a specialized and strong administrative communications center that would serve all sectors in order to try to quickly complete the required tasks at all levels.
Therefore, the Royal Highness approved the establishment of this center, and this center has helped reduce the use of paper in order to achieve speedy access and accuracy of the required information based on the clear vision of a paperless university.