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King Faisal University

Center Of Document& Administrative Communication

Coding of government agencies

The ideal situation for organizing the agency’s documents occurs when the agency’s functions match its administrative organizations, as each function is allocated a unit that works to achieve its goals, so the symbol of the function is the symbol of the administrative unit, and thus this symbol bears the work of the unit and the documents resulting from it, and this is what one must strive to achieve. The principle of origin and creation, which in turn corresponds to the principle of jurisdiction, adherence to which results in the emergence of unified policies for the agency in dealing with similar topics. Failure to do so results in a loss of objective vision among employees, which leads to:
A- The presence of documents that contradict each other due to the different authorities dealing with the same topic. This leads to an increase in correspondence and thus an increase in documents and administrative expenses. The competent authority is a department, division, department, or specialist.
B- Conflict between administrative units in work, which leads to weak effectiveness and lack of trust between them. And the impact this has on the device as a whole.
C- Failure to save documents on a single subject in one place, especially when adopting decentralized preservation, where each administrative unit keeps the documents issued by it, and the resulting incompleteness of subject files and lack of knowledge of the documents issued on the subject, and thus the difficulty of retrieving them.

If the jobs in government agencies are similar, as is the case with auxiliary jobs, it is assumed that their administrative organizations will be similar in terms of their names, tasks, procedures, work models and methods, with their administrative levels differing depending on the size of the agency, as the competent authority could be a general administration, a department, a division, or a department. Or specialist.
Because this organizational matter is not available at the present time, we have resorted to coding jobs that are more stable than administrative organizations that are subject to change, especially in developing countries that have not yet completed their organizational structures that must be built on organizational studies based on practical principles. This is no longer a difficult matter for the Queen.
Therefore, the internal coding processes of the device were prepared through the following processes:
2/1 Coding the basic functions of the device and assigning symbols from 1 to 30 to them.
2/2 Coding of assistant administrative functions, and codes from 31 to 60 were assigned to them.
2/3 Coding the device branches in the regions, such as some types of location codes in which they are located, according to what is stated in the region and governorate coding plan, linked to the code of the main device that belongs to this branch.

Government agencies coding:
The unified coding plan for government agencies aims to give each government agency its own code that distinguishes it from other government agencies. To achieve this goal, the following practical steps were taken:
A- The names used by government agencies have been limited.
B- These names were arranged in a list according to their alphabetical letters, and a category of symbols was assigned to each name, each consisting of three digits. The beginning and end of the symbols for each category were also determined.
C- The government agencies that fall under each of these names were listed in a list, and each government agency was given its own code consisting of three digits.
D- Triple-numbered codes were allocated for coding government agencies, starting from code (001) to code (300), so that code 037 was adopted, for example, for King Faisal University.
E- Blank symbols were left in the government apparatus coding lists for the possibility of adding new device names to each list.
F- The symbol of the government agency shall be placed on its official publications under its name on the upper right side of the paper in the following manner:

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
the device name
His symbol

Mechanism of coding government agencies:
First: Main administrative functions:-
The government agency's coding plan aims to achieve the following results:
1- Giving a fixed code to each government agency in fulfillment of the text of Paragraph (2) of Article (4) of the Documents and Archives System, which distinguishes each government agency from other government agencies, and distinguishes the documents issued by it from all documents of other agencies. For example, the code 037 is a code that means King Faisal University and the rest of the government agencies.
2- Distinguishing the administrative units for the agency’s basic work from the administrative units for auxiliary work, which distinguishes the documents resulting from each of them from others and facilitates the preservation of documents under the symbol of the units that produced them in order to achieve the principle of origin and creation, which is one of the most important principles of preserving documents and archives.
3- Distinguish the various basic activities of the device from each other.
4- Distinguishing the different activities of the university units from each other.
5- Distinguish work related to branches from work related to the main body and the documents resulting from it.

Second: Assistant administrative functions:
The purpose of the administrative assistant jobs is to assist the basic functions at the university and to perform their tasks. Given the similarity of the administrative assistant jobs in government agencies, one code was allocated for similar jobs in their work to be used by all government agencies, so that similar documents can be saved in all government agencies under one code. Which helps those concerned in administrative units and documentation centers to memorize these symbols, know their meanings, and distinguish between them and the activities of the basic functions of government agencies.

How to use coding