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King Faisal University

Center Of Document& Administrative Communication

"Our goals :
1-Develop a strategy to implement the policies and regulations issued by the National Center for Documents and Archives, for the circulation and preservation of documents
2-Benefiting from documents in all their forms, paper, microfilm, audio and video, and official transactions in a way that ensures their protection, preservation, and retrieval in a scientific manner and in a timely manner to beneficiaries from inside and outside the university, in accordance with what the interest requires, following the necessary regulatory procedures for their management, and applying the e-government program in the university’s daily transactions.
3-Adopting university transaction plans
4-Proper implementation of documentation systems, policies, regulations, plans, projects and programmes
5-Improving the quality of documents, their means, tools and actions
6-Spreading documentary awareness among employees working at the center and all university departments and colleges through lectures, introductory publications, and workshops.
7-Providing the appropriate document at the appropriate time to the beneficiaries, to the university’s employees and employees, or to parties outside the university, as required by the interest.
8-Eliminate duplication in correspondence and official transactions and preserve them
9-Getting rid of documents that have lost their value, and preventing the accumulation of unnecessary documents at the university, which saves administrative costs and saves time and public efforts."