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King Faisal University

Center Of Document& Administrative Communication

Supervisor's word
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - thanks to and from God - is witnessing remarkable progress in many sectors, including the documents and archives management sector, where it developed a general policy and system for documents and archives that is unified for all government agencies in the year 1417 AH. It established the National Center for Documents and Archives - which is directly linked to the Royal Court -
It provided scientific and moral support to all government institutions to establish documentation and archives centers, concerned with implementing policies and regulations governing the management and preservation of administrative and historical documents for each government institution. Hence, King Faisal University hastened to establish a center for documents and archives in implementation of the royal order in this regard, and in the year 1428 AH it was activated. To be one of the first effective documentation and archives centers at the level of Saudi universities and an official reference for the mechanism of implementing regulations governing document management and coding.
The University’s Documents and Archives Center also receives and preserves all transactions produced or received by the university - from colleges, supporting deanships, scientific and research centers, and other departments at the university - whether traditional, such as: paper documents, or non-traditional, such as: microfilm documents, audio documents, visual documents, audio-visual documents, and documents. e
It works to organize it through technical processes of classification, indexing, indexing, and extraction, whether using traditional or electronic systems, and systematically destroying what has lost its administrative value, then making documents of administrative value available to decision makers and other authorized beneficiaries of the university. It also applies regular work mechanisms in the field of circulation and development of document management in all its forms. In its modern sense. The Documents and Archives Center is also the link between the university and the National Center for Documents and Archives at the Royal Court.
The Center is currently moving forward with systematic future plans in order to achieve the principle of King Faisal University, a paperless university, that is, an electronic university in its daily dealings.
The center also aims to emulate the world's leading centres. To be a pioneer at the level of Saudi and Arab universities to provide the best services to beneficiaries.