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King Faisal University

Center Of Document& Administrative Communication

"Our tasks
1-Establishing organizational and procedural matters related to university documentation work.
2-Practical application of the texts of the documents and archives system materials, the general policy for documents and archives, the executive regulations, the classification and coding plan, and other regulations and instructions that will be issued related to university documents.
3-Collecting, classifying, coding, indexing, preserving and maintaining university documents, and organizing their circulation in accordance with the system, regulations, and general plan regulating documents.
4-Providing information and data about documents to beneficiaries inside or outside the university in accordance with the instructions regulating this.
5-Working to find qualified human resources to work in the center to prepare and qualify them in a way that ensures that they benefit from serving the university.
6-Administrative and technical coordination of the tasks of the Permanent Documents Committee, evaluation committees, destruction committees, deportation committees, and emerging committees.
7-Documenting everything related to the university’s systems, regulations, plans, programs, projects, and administrative and procedural organizations.
8-The University's Document Center will be the actual tool for achieving communication with the National Center for Documents and Archives to apply and implement the regulations and plans regulating documents and everything related to administrative transactions and policies.
9-Implementing the finest and latest government document management and electronic archiving systems.
10-Transforming transactions within the university from traditional paper to modern technical electronic."