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King Faisal University

English Center

English Composition I (1722-133)
I-Course Description

This is an intermediate level writing class. Students are guided through the stages of the writing process to write paragraphs that are both meaningful and organised, and include a topic sentence with a controlling idea, supporting details, and a conclusion. They will write multi-draft compositions for a variety of practical and academic purposes. They will also improve their writing by studying model sentences and paragraphs, basic sentence patterns, mechanics, coordinating conjunctions, transitions and vocabulary.

II-Course Objectives

This course aims at helping the students to:

  • Construct focused and well-developed single paragraphs of approximately 100 - 250 words with correct paragraph format.
  • Apply the basic rules of grammar efficiently.
  • Evaluate specific types of writing elements and incorporate them as needed: facts, examples, reasons, anecdotes, and descriptive details.
  • Apply the basic techniques of process writing: pre-writing (brainstorming, clustering, and outlining), revising, editing, and proofreading for sentence-level errors.
  • Use appropriate transitions and phrases showing chronological, spatial, and listing orders.
  • Write correct simple, compound, and complex sentences using a variety of coordinate and subordinate conjunctions.
  • Identify the comma-splice and run-on errors and correct them.
  • Write a clear, well-organised and coherent paragraph.
  • Write a clear, concise, and creative paragraph on contemporary issues.
III. Learning Resources

Oshima, A. and Hogue, A. (2007) Introduction to Academic Writing. 3rd ed. New York: Pearson Longman.