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King Faisal University

English Center

Fundamentals of Speech (1722-138)
I. Course Description

The course introduces students to the fundamentals of developing effective and engaging presentations to different audiences. Students learn how to organise their speech, select a suitable style and tone of expression for a given speech or occasion. They also learn how to assess appropriateness of topics according to different settings and audiences. They get practice by a series of in-class presentations.

II. Course Objectives

This course aims at helping students to:

  • Organise an effective presentation.
  • Be selective in choosing a topic for different settings and audiences.
  • Utilise appropriate style and tone of expression to varied speech settings.
  • Employ effective techniques of speech delivery.
  • Engage the audience’s interest.
III. Learning Resources

Maclean, S. (2010) The Basics of Communication Studies. 2nd ed. New York: Pearson Longman.