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King Faisal University

English Center

Intensive English (1711-1102)
I. Course Description

This course aims at developing the essential reading and writing skills that students need in order to comprehend and competently write scientific materials at an intermediate level. It also focuses on expanding and strengthening students’ scientific vocabulary, and at the same time, teaching them the necessary grammatical conventions for scientific English texts.

II-Course Objectives

This course aims at helping students to:

  • Read and write intermediate scientific English texts.
  • Develop reading skills such as scanning, skimming and reading for specific and general information.
  • Acquire relevant vocabulary to comprehend and write scientific texts.
  • Practice intermediate grammar structures in science-related contexts.
III. Learning Resources

Ackert, P. and Nebel, A. (1997) Concepts and Comments. 2nd ed. Fort Worth: Harcourt Brace.

Yorkey, R. Study Skills for Students of English. New York: McGraw-Hill.