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King Faisal University

English Center

III. Schedules Committee
  • Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Humam (chair)
  • Mr. Waleed Othman (secretary)
  • Dr. Eman Aljaber (member)
  • Dr. Fatima Khawaja (member)
  • Mr. AlBahi Khalil (member)
  • Mr. Abdullah Abu Quba’ (member)
  • Mrs. Hiba Abdullah (member)
  • Preparing the schedule of ELC classes.
  • Preparing the ELC staff members’ list of names and contact numbers.
  • Providing each ELC staff member with his or her schedule of every semester.
  • Meeting the needs of colleges to add sections of courses and increase the capacity of classes.
  • Assigning classrooms for ELC courses in the colleges served.
  • Dealing with all the emerging issues concerning the schedules committee.