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King Faisal University

English Center

Scientific English (1701-103 & 1708-103)
I. Course Description

This course focuses on enhancing and improving students’ reading proficiency. The main objective is to increase their scientific vocabulary and their ability to read and understand scientific material. It also aims at improving their ability to construct correct grammatical sentences apply them in scientific context (for further information, please see the syllabus).

II.Course Objectives

This course aims at helping the students to:

  • Demonstrate reading comprehension of scientific passages and their competence to use scientific material at an elementary level.
  • Involve in communicative activities and answer general questions
  • Read and get the main idea of scientific texts, understand general and specific information and recognise contextual references.
  • Use various rhetorical functions, such as classifying, defining, and describing the relationship between causes and effects.
  • Practice using English language for specific purposes.
III. Learning Resources

Mazyad, S. (2009) English for Science: Elementary Level. 3rd ed. Riyadh: Qeh Publishing.