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King Faisal University

Entrepreneurship Center

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Tasks

1. Spreading the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the university community and ensuring its reach to society.
2. Facilitating procedures for applying innovative ideas and setting up nascent companies in areas that are consistent with the vision and identity of the university.
3. Teaching and training students and researchers on the elements of the innovation system and the accredited innovation methodology.
4. Motivating and encouraging innovators to adopt entrepreneurial thought.
5. Evaluate ideas and projects submitted by researchers and entrepreneurs.
6. Building a network of relationships locally and internationally with experts and training centers in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.
7. Creating an entrepreneurial spirit towards discovery and innovation among university students by holding competitions in this field.
8. Working within the university’s innovation system and excellence in serving innovators.
9. Provide logistical support and provide the appropriate environment to embrace startups and activate the role of business incubators and accelerators.