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King Faisal University

Avian Research Center

 Vision, Mission and Goals

Leadership in providing outstanding community service for the development and prosperity of poultry and avian sector in Saudi Arabia.

To support avian and poultry sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by effectively fulfilling the University's vision and mission of community partnership.

1- Conduct researches on wild non-traditional (hunting and pet birds), and traditional poultry in the following research areas:
• Public health and environment.
• Epidemiology, preventive medicine, and treatment.
• Management and production.
• Genetics and breeding.
2- Focus on research efforts to protect and develop all birds' species.
3- Genetic improvement of wild birds and poultry through new biotechnology techniques.
4- Support of the poultry sector development in the Kingdom through researches that solve productivity, nutrition, and Biosecurity problems that might hinder the sector.
5- Providing consultation, advisory services, and training related to wild birds and traditional poultry.
6- Encouraging graduate studies and researches as well as holding meetings and scientific conferences.
7- Encouraging various sectors interested in wild birds and poultry to participate in supporting research projects and graduate studies.
8- Build cooperative relationships with other research centers; and local, regional, and global distinguished researchers on bases. 
9- Helping the biodiversity through the preservation of some bird species subjected to extinction.