King Faisal University

Avian Research Center

 About The Center

The avian research center was established as per the decision of the Royal decree number 8626/MB dated 27/9/1428 H.

The center It is consider one of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is mainly concerned with research involving exotic birds (game and pet birds) as well as poultry, taking into consideration their public health and related environment in addition to preventive medicine of infectious diseases and bird treatments.

The center is also concerned with management, production, genetics, and sustainability of endangered birds. It is also concerned with supporting the improvement of poultry industry in Saudi Arabia and solving its problems. The center provides training and consulting services to avian and poultry sectors in addition to develop relationship and collaboration with research centers, bird's growers, and poultry companies in the Kingdom in an effort to maintain and develop this industry.

The center is welling to attain excellence, throughout its research facilities (researchers, technicians, laboratories, and equipment) that would allow for conducting original basic and applied researches. These efforts are supported by the University top management as well as the public and private sectors.