King Faisal University

Avian Research Center

 Director massage

I am pleased to welcome you to the page of the Bird Research Center at King Faisal University in Al-Ahsa, which is the first research center of its kind at the university level in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia specialized in the field of bird research. Where the center aims to provide cooperation and integration in community service and to meet the aspirations and directives of rational leadership in order to achieve the vision of the Kingdom 2030 AD by providing research, scientific and technical activities for researchers from postgraduate or community studies by providing scientific and advisory support and support to those interested in the fields of birds from breeders and also related companies A specialized relationship in the field of poultry production in particular, which in turn may promote the local economy and contribute to achieving food security.
I renew welcoming the distinguished visitors once again and we hope that this site will be a portal of communication and communication with all researchers in bird diseases and nutrition, and that they find everything new and useful in it, and the center welcomes everyone and is pleased to receive opinions and development proposals, so that we work together hand in hand to advance this center and move forward with our dear university to the level Excellence and creativity.

May God help us all for what is good for our society in particular, for the Islamic nation and the world in general.

Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Rasheed
Director of the Bird Research Center