Saturday 11/02/1440 - 20/10/2018

 Director massage


Avian research center is one of the lately established research centers in King Faisal University. The center starts operating after the administrative decision of his Excellency the university rector number 38/2/662 dated 12/11/1432 H. 

Therefore, an establishment committee was formed on 2/1/1433 H which was composed of specialized faculty members from the collage of Agriculture and faculty of Veterinary medicine in order to put together the operational strategies for the center.

Starting of that date, the center made great progress in terms of stating its vision, mission, objectives, and its organizational structure in addition to appointing his managerial and research staff. Four laboratories were established namely: Immunology, Biotechnology, Poultry nutrition, and Diseases' diagnosis. 
Several applied researches were conducted with collaboration of College of Agriculture faculty members with several other researches in progress in the areas of poultry diseases and immunology.

We look forward to fruitful cooperation with the Saudi Wildlife Authority, after signing a memorandum of understanding with King Faisal University.

AS Proactive step, center management board was appointed as per the administrative decision No. 38/2/131 Date of 08/03/1435.

Finally, I am sure that all previously ambitious activities will lead the center, by god will, to the level Excellency; this is with the support of the University top management.

Head, Avian Reseach Center
Professor/ Marzook Mohammed Al-Eknah​