Friday 06/03/1442 - 23/10/2020


 Director massage

Avian Research Center (ARC) has been established in 1428 H as one of the several research centers of King Faisal University (KFU). Since that time, ARC has taken steps in establishing its vision, mission and objectives. in addition, establishing the board of committee, attracting researchers and their assistents, as well as establishing equiped laboratories for nutrition, vaccines and biotechnology.
In terms of research, ARC has cooperated with a number of faculty members and researchers of KFU, especially those working in the college of veterinary medicine and the collage of agriculture and food sciences. This cooperation resulted in the many projects which some were published in journals classified in the ISI database, and others are in progress. The most important topics of ARC including poultry nutrition and immunization. ARC welcomes all researchers specializing in the fields of avian diseases and nutrition.
As for the community partnership, ARC has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Saudi Wildlife Authority. In addition, ARC is the only representative of the Kingdom in the International Falconry Association.
Finally, ARC has recently won one of the postdoctoral fellowship programs that given by the Ministry of Education for the Postdoctoral fellowship

Director of Avian Reseach Center
Dr. Fahad Al-Asmari​