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King Faisal University

Translation, Authorship and Publication Center

Objectives of the centre
Translation, Authorship and Publication Centre of King Faisal University seeks to achieve a number of goals stated in the regulation of scientific research and universities, and approved by the Scientific Council of the university. These objectives are as follows:
1-Encouraging the staff members of the university to write and translate books in their own fields.
2-Providing students and researchers with textbooks and new scientific references.
3-Promoting the activity of translation in the university and the country as well, with the aim of introducing useful sciences and knowledge into the Arabic language.
4-Encouraging and supporting the movement of Arabicizing (i.e. giving Arabic forms to idioms from other languages) and translating scientific idioms into Arabic.
5-Holding lectures, conferences and seminars and inviting researchers and specialists to discuss the issues of translation, authorship and publication.
The center seeks to support opinions, speculations and proposals approved by the board of directors or coming from scientific departments related to translation, authorship and publication. Then these opinions are sent to the scientific council of the university to be studied, approved and effected.