King Faisal University

Translation, Authorship and Publication Center

 The executive rules for the publication of the book

a. Textbooks and the authored references or the confirmed ones.
1. The author provides a request to the head of the department showing his desire to publish the book through the University and sets the code, the number and the name of the curriculum, of which he wants to be the book of the course or in part of it.

2. The author attaches to his request the terms of the curriculum which deals with the book with three copies, at least, of his draft book and an additional copy on CD, in addition to a request form for the publication of a book.
3. The Council of the department considers the request for the publication of the book, and nominates a number of the specialized arbitrators at least six, to determine the needing level of the book and determines the number of the requited copies in the case if the book was recommended for publication.
4. The faculty board considers the recommendation of the council of the department, and in the case of the approval, the board nominates a number of arbitrators no less than six.
5. the faculty board presents the recommendation to the Center of Translation, Authorship and Publication, in the case of approval, it raises the recommendation to the Scientific Council for considering the publication of the book by the university, and the recommendation includes proposing a list of arbitrators, the required number of the copies of the book and authoring bonus, reviewing and the lingual corrections.
6. The Scientific Council considers the recommendation of the Directors Board of the Center of Translation Authoring and Publication, in the case of approval; they appoint three arbitrators to test the book.
7. If the Scientific Council decided to approve on the publication of the book through the University, the purposed section is committed to be used to cover the proposed curriculum for three school years at least. And determining in the approval decision the required number of copies of the book and authoring bonus, reviewing and the lingual corrections.
8. a contract is being made between the university, represented by Director of the Center of Translation, Authoring and Publication and the author of the book, to publish the book in accordance with the rules and the regulations of which being applied in  the university.
9. University pays for the author 50% of the repayment of the decided work after making the contract and the other 50% after the completion of the printing process.
10. The authors, investigators and translators are being paid by a  reward estimated by the Scientific Council in accordance with the reports of arbitrators according to the theme of the book, its scientific value and for the effort which was made, but under one condition the reward mustn't exceed (50.000) fifty thousand riyals for the book.
11. The minimum reward for any book that the University publishes is (25.000) Twenty-five thousand riyals.
b. The translated textbooks:
The translated textbooks and references which was provided by the translators to be published through the university applies to the executive rules from 1 to 11 in the preceding paragraph of the authored and the achieved textbooks and references.