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King Faisal University

Translation, Authorship and Publication Center

 Administrative and Technical Departments of the Center

A) Administrative Departments
1. The Director of the Center
            Dr. Muneer AlQahtani
           (IP. 5899029) Ext. 2011
2. The Manager of Administrative Affairs
           Ahmad Al Abedellwahed
          (IP. 5899030) Ext. 1837
3. Editorial Department
            - Dr. Abdullah Ali Shabaneh   (IP. 5899031)
            - Dr. Ashraf Mahroos Zaher    ( IP. 5899092)
4. Translation and Arabization Department
            - Tayseer Mansour Kan’an    ( IP. 5899937)
            - Mohanad Ahmad Qawaqzeh​  ( IP. 5899936)
5. Book Design & Layout Department
           - Ahmad Hussien Al Homoud
           (IP. 5899035) Ext. 1838
6. Archive Department
7. Secretary
8. Administrative Communication Department
           - Hussien Younes Al Jasas (IP. 5899986)
           - Fahed Al Hawal

B) Technical Departments
1. Editorial Department: This department has the responsibility of editing the scientific work (written or translated) after the approval of the scientific council on publishing. It also conducts the needed technical revisions as well as specifying the most suitable way for printing the work. It follows up the scientific work at all levels and printing stages.
2. Translation and Arabization Department: This department receives the translated work from the scientific council after approving it to ensure that the translated work complies with the rules and procedures set by the center. It also ensures that the translator had obtained the translation permission from the copyright holder (author or publisher) of the book. Then, it refers the translated work to the editorial department for editing and revision. Moreover, this department takes part in Arabizing the courses and curriculum in the university colleges and departments as well as establishing scientific and technical dictionaries. It also seeks to enrich the Arabization movement in a large scale.
3. Information Department: this department helps researchers, authors, and translators to have access to different sources of information. This includes non-electronic sources such as: books, dictionaries, encyclopedias and periodicals, or electronic sources such as: Information Technology Center at KFU, Data Base of Science and Technology in King Abdulaziz City, Gulf Information Network and the International Data Basis as well as other specialized worldwide networks.
4. Publication and Distribution Department: This department, in coordination with the editorial department, has the responsibility of distributing the printed material and making it available to the beneficiaries, as well as marketing the intellectual outcomes of the university faculty members.
5. Administrative Department: It facilitates the necessary communications and administrative correspondences with authors, translators, the scientific council, and university press.
6. University Press: It has the responsibility of printing the scientific work (written or translated) and preparing it perfectly. It also prepares all the university publications such as posters, brochures, administrative and financial forms etc.