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King Faisal University

Translation, Authorship and Publication Center

Director's Message
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King Faisal University, as part of its effort to achieve Global Leadership and Excellency among other international universities, exerts considerable efforts to contribute to the advancement of scientific research. No doubt that scientific publication is an important source for scientific research, which is the main task assigned to the university beside teaching and providing services to local community. In fact, scientific publication transfers intellectual and scientific works done by faculty members and investigators to readers and scholars in different fields, inside and outside the university.
KFU showed great interest in translation, authorship, and publication. Hence, it established the Center of Translation, Authorship, and Publication and provided it needed facilities in addition to hiring a specialized staff in those areas. Moreover, KFU strives to increase the intellectual production for its faculty members by encouraging them to conduct scientific research, translate references, and compose scientific dictionaries and encyclopedias in different disciplines and making such work available to investigators, students and the public. KFU also has sought, through this center, to coordinate the efforts of scientific publication and translation between Saudi universities and other similar centers and institutes in order to achieve its mission and aspired goals regarding human building and community service.
Dr  Muneer Al qahtani
The Director

 Director Message