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King Faisal University

Translation, Authorship and Publication Center

The by-laws of publishing, writing, translating
and financing textbooks

Article (21): works that may be published in the university include the following:
A: theses
B: curricular textbooks
C: books and references
D: translations of references, textbooks and others
E: reports
F: scientific encyclopedias and dictionaries
G: any work that the Scientific Council finds suitable for publishing because it agrees with the objectives of the university.
Article (22): MA and PhD theses having a scientific importance or benefiting development in the kingdom can be published if the Scientific Council approves them.
Article (23): The scientific council sets an award for the translation of a thesis written in a foreign language if the members see that it is important to publish it in Arabic.
Article (24): theses authorized by other universities inside and outside the kingdom can be published if they serve the goals of the university.
Article (25): an award amounting to 8000 riyals is granted for publishing an MA thesis, and 15000 riyals for a PhD thesis.
Article (26): in its judgment of researches, books, translations or revisions (i.e. revised versions of books), the Scientific Council looks at the originality of the work and its agreement with the goals of the university as the most important considerations.
Article (27): The Scientific Council sets the minute details of publishing rules related to materials mentioned in article 21 of this regulation.
Article (28): The material to be published is judged by at least two specialists in the same field of the work. The Scientific Council sets the rules and the detailed procedures of judgment, editing and revision.
Article (29): authors, revisers and translators receive awards determined by the Scientific Council according to the reports of referees about the topic, scientific value and effort exerted in the production of the material. The reward does not exceed 50,000 riyals for a book.
Article (30): rewards for writing or translating encyclopedias or encyclopedic works are determined according to the plan and procedures authorized by the Scientific Council. The reward does not exceed 50,000 riyals for every volume.
Article (31): a reward, not more than 2000 riyals for a book, is given to the person who examines or judges books, revisions or translations.
Article (32): a reward, not more than 2000 riyals for a book, is given to the person who makes the linguistic corrections (copyeditors) for books published in the university.
Article (33): a reward is given to the person who participates in judging and revising researches submitted to have a higher academic degree. The reward does not exceed 500 riyals for every research, and 3000 riyals for the whole work submitted.
Article (34): the writer/translator shall proofread and prepare all the indices and tables of contents. After the printing of the work, s/he is given 100 copies for free.
Article (35): in case of translations, the work should conform to the following conditions:
A-The translated work should be of scientific or applicable importance.
B-The translator should be revised by one specialist or more.
C-The translator and the reviser should be excellent in the source and target languages.
D-The translator should abide by the comments and corrections proposed by the reviser.
E-The rights of translation and publication should be purchased before starting to work.
Article (36): the reward given to the writer/translator for the publishing of the book is considered a ceding of his/her right to print the book for five years starting from the date of approval of the Scientific Council to print the work.
Article (37): when the university reprints a work it has printed before, writer/translator is dealt with as follows:
A: writers/translators who produced the following works do not have any rewards in case of reprinting: works produced within scientific projects financed by the university – works that the university purchased their copyrights for ever – projects assigned by the university to certain professors.
B: in case of reprinting works the copyrights thereof have been purchased by the university, writers/translators receive rewards not more than the reward they received in the first time.
Article (38): rights of publishing are reserved to the university for five years. If the writer adds something to a new edition, the Scientific Council sets a reward for the addition after the approval of the referee.
Article (39): after the five-year period of the publication contract, the copyrights are transferred to the writer/translator or his/her heirs. The republishing takes place according to a special agreement with the university.
Article (40): the Scientific Council has the right to reconsider the republishing of a work never published by the university before or became out of print, if it has a special scientific value, and sets a reward for that.