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King Faisal University

Research and Training Station

*Research and training station

--Sector objectives
-Enhancing the capabilities and systems of scientific research and innovation
and advance teaching and learning research related to core competencies and high-impact educational practices.
-Providing full logistical support for scientific research by faculty members, researchers, and undergraduate and postgraduate students (master’s and doctoral).
-Conducting, following up and implementing scientific research in the fields of environment, sustainable development, food security and renewable energy.
-Providing initiatives, consultations, scientific and technical services, and implementing the House of Expertise in order to contribute effectively to community service.
-Directing the outputs of the research plan to produce innovative investment products that can be commercialized in order to enhance financial resources
For the station.

--Research sector
The sector seeks to enhance the role of the station as a national umbrella for research with the aim of achieving
Sustainable and flexible development, optimal use of natural resources, achieving food security, stimulating scientific research and innovation in targeted fields that meet the needs of the sector, and working to address the obstacles and problems it faces in a way that serves society and achieves the goals of the university’s vision and identity.

---Main research programs
1- Operational project management program.
2 Research support and services program
Scientific and technical implementation of experiments, analyses, and measurements.
3- A program to produce innovative, commercialized research and investment products
From different operational units.
4- A program to support colleges and research centers with requirements
Basic to carry out research
And practical courses.
5- Follow-up and implementation program
Funded and unfunded research projects.