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King Faisal University

Research and Training Station

*Research and training station

-Training sector
The university's strategy and identity emphasized the importance of training and its pivotal role in achieving development goals and continuing investment in education and training in its various fields, and believing in the importance of training and development in any organization, through developing human staff with the aim of gaining experience and knowledge that helps in implementing job roles efficiently and effectively.

--Sector objectives

-Providing high-quality training to develop capabilities and acquire the necessary practical skills for male and female students, individuals and interested parties, in accordance with the university’s strategic plan, which serves the general objectives.
-Providing distinguished training programs and scientific, engineering, agricultural and applied workshops that contribute to enriching knowledge and transforming it into applicable implementation ideas and projects.
- Benefiting from activating the station’s various facilities and projects and creating a distinguished training system through cumulative experiences in order to keep pace with technical development and other matters.
 It is emerging in the scientific and training arena.
-Community contribution through preparing and implementing programs
Training to develop technical capabilities in the field and applied field for specialists from inside and outside the university.

**Main training programs
1-General training program:
It is a program directed at student training (male and female) and includes practical courses, field training, and specialized training for the bachelor’s level.

2-Special training program:
- It is a specialized training program directed to faculty members, employees, researchers and technicians for research and training missions and research projects.
3- Training program for capacity development
Technical ""Advanced"":
A program aimed at developing the technical capabilities in the field and applied fields of specialists from inside and outside the university, in cooperation and coordination with the relevant authorities at the university.