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King Faisal University

Research and Training Station

 The section is branching of several units as follows:

 Department of Animal Production

  • Department of Animal Production
  • Agricultural Department
  • Public Relations and Community Service Department
  • Training and research department
  • Department of Technical and Engineering Affairs
  • Department of coordination and maintenance of faculty of Arts gardens
  • Introduction:
    This department is concerned with agricultural activity in both animal and poultry branch. The department tasks are as follows:
    • Training of university, veterinary institutes& centers' students to conduct various agricultural operations related to livestock.
    • Facilitating the conduction of research for faculty members and graduate students specialists in the animal part of the agricultural activity.
    • Providing animal and poultry materials needed by university faculties for training and scientific research.
    • Supervising the station animals' barns regarding its cleanliness, routine maintenance, and any other related affairs.
    • Preparing, following-up, and maintaining the station animals' records.
    • Performing and conducting the periodic vaccination for the station animals in addition to formulating and executing preventive plans and measures to maintain safety.
    • Regulating the births of the station animals to maintain the numbers of the herd.
    • Overseeing the feeding and watering of the station animals.
    • Operating the milking parlor facility and dairy factory and its associated facilities.

    The most important daily business which is carried out by units of Animal Production Department:
    1. Check up in the morning on barns and ensure the cleanliness of the stripes and the presence of feed and the safety of the herds from disease.
    2. Processing practical lessons of drugs, vaccines and veterinary equipment to be used in training students requirements.
    3. The supply of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Resources, the College of Agriculture and Human Medicine practical training and scientific research from sheep's milk, blood and sperm requirements.
    4- Cleaning beef feedlots, by raising the soil and the development of new soil with lime placed on the floor of the barn.
    5. Reception school students, including the scientific visit to the under university stages.
    6. Check up on the wards poultry to ensure the safety of the herd.
    7. Remove the chicken manure every two days and send it to the outside section dedicated to assemble animal waste place.
    8. Ensure that disinfectants in the provision of immersion legs at the entrance to the wards pelvis.