Friday 06/03/1442 - 23/10/2020

Research and Training Station


 Station Projects

In light of the expansion that has taken place on university education, with convinced the university and its vision to be a leading community partnership through excellence in teaching and scientific research universities. Through a link with the community to achieve the aspirations of the development plans and the application of international standards within the scientific visions of authentic documentation.
Based on the objectives of the university and its mission to the community service, through excellence in education and continuing education and scientific research related to community issues and active management. Also leadership development and community partnership to achieve mutual enrichment. As it is necessary paralleled with creating the infrastructure sound, which based on the scientific assets of international and global requirements.
Given the large expansion and development, which was included in the training of agricultural and veterinary research station, in various engineering, agriculture, veterinary and environmental disciplines. In addition, contribute to the educational process service in urban and urban development of the area, as well as vital development projects and future province of Al-Ahsa, which will enrich the area and make it one of the most attractive for investment, construction and progress areas.  For keep pace with these pilot projects and an emanation of the university's vision and mission towards harnessing all of its resources toward community service preparation and rehabilitation of qualified staff which will contribute to the development and success of these projects done by creating infrastructure and specialized centers equipped with all the possibilities and national cadres.
In this sense, the training of agricultural and veterinary research station began and the post-1427 H development and the establishment of a modern and sophisticated projects. Also, modernization projects that have existed since the beginning of the establishment of the station in 1397 H. By creating projects commensurate with the time of development and keep pace with technological and scientific boom in an effort to create infrastructures modern and suitable potential to serve the instruction process, scientific research and community service.
This support has a positive impact on the creation of many modern and sophisticated projects at the station, which reflected on the performance and productivity of the work of all units and departments in the training of agricultural and veterinary research station.