Saturday 20/11/1441 - 11/07/2020

Date Palm Research Center


 Director Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you in the Date Palm Research Center (DPRC) website at King Faisal University, hoping that we can present and introduce the DPRC and its research activities. The DPRC research team includes members with several distinct scientific disciplines who strive to conduct strategic research for exploring all possible benefits, sound management procedures, and conservation techniques to promote the well-fare of date palm and dates sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Moreover, the DPRC prepares and provides specialized training programs to serve the local and regional communities. The DPRC research plan is implemented following a holistic multidisciplinary approach through six specialized programs: (i) Date Palm Physiology and Production (DPPP), (ii) Date Palm Biotechnology (DPB), (iii) Sustainable Pest Management in Date Palm (SPMDP), (iv)Advanced Precision Technologies for Date Pam (APT), (v) Date Processing and Value-added Technologies (DPVAT), and (vi) Extension and Economics of Date Palm  and Its Derivatives (EEDPD). In our homepage and other pages within this site, you will find valuable information about DPRC distinct capabilities and potentials in date palm and dates area. 

Once again, we welcome you and extend our thanks for visiting our website and browsing its contents, and invite you to contact us through the listed means of communications.
With my sincere greeting and appreciation. 

Prof. Mohammed Ben Refdan Al-Hajhoj
Director of Date Palm Research Center of Excellence