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King Faisal University

Center of Research Excellence in Date Palm

An overview of the center

Al-Ahsa is considered one of the largest palm oases in the world and is characterized by excellent varieties of dates covering an area estimated at about 8 thousand hectares, and the number of palm trees is approximately 2.7 million palm trees. Since the establishment of King Faisal University in Al-Ahsa in the year 1395 AH, corresponding to 1975 AD, the university has given special attention to the palm and date sector due to its close historical, social and economic connection to Saudi society, in addition to its growing role in promoting food security and sustainable rural development. From this standpoint, the Palm and Dates Research Center was established at King Faisal University in the year 1403 AH, corresponding to 1983 AD, based on the main recommendation of the First International Palm Symposium, which was held at the university in the same year. At the end of the year 1428 AH corresponding to 2007 AD,
The Ministry of Higher Education then approved the approval of the Center for Research Excellence in Palms and Dates at King Faisal University and to support it financially. Based on the strategic plan and to enhance the center’s scientific progress, a board of directors was formed for the center, whose membership includes a number of officials and workers in the palm and date sector from the public and private sectors, in addition to a scientific advisory body whose membership includes experts and scientists from outside and inside the Kingdom.


A pioneering and distinguished center locally, regionally and globally to achieve scientific and research value in the fields of palm and date sciences in order to be supportive in achieving food security and environmental sustainability.

the message:

Providing an encouraging and effective environment for the achievement of innovations and scientific research that stimulates research excellence and regional and global partnerships in palm and date sciences.

-Encouraging, stimulating and supporting scientific research innovations in palm and date sciences.
-Motivating innovators, developers and experts to create digital solutions and develop applications and technologies that maximize the use of future technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.
-Preparing a new generation of scientifically and academically distinguished researchers for graduate students and those interested.
-Developing applied research outputs and innovations for investment and marketing, and increasing patents and multiplying their fields.
-Building partnerships at the local, regional and global levels, research and academically, in the field of the palm and date sector.

Board of Directors:

Chairman of Board of Directors:

Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Issa Al-Laili (Dean of the University for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research).

Deputy Chairman of the Board:

Dr.. Mansour bin Abdullah Al-Yahya - Acting Dean of Scientific Research.

Council Rapporteur:

Dr. Nashi bin Khaled Al-Qahtani - Director of the Center of Research Excellence in Palms and Dates.

Council members:
Dr. Ahmed bin Saud Al-Saqoufi - Dean of the College of Agricultural and Food Sciences.

a. Abdulaziz bin Muhammad Al-Afaliq - Chairman of the Industrial Committee of Al-Ahsa Chamber - Director of Al-Ahsa Bakeries Company.

Dr.. Mohammed bin Fahd Al Nuwairan - CEO of the National Center for Palms and Dates.

Mr. Dr. Salah bin Mohammed Al-Eid - Faculty member at the College of Agricultural and Food Sciences.

M. Muhammad bin Ismail Al-Ismail - Director of King Abdullah International City for Dates.

Eng. Ibrahim bin Khalil Al-Khalil - Director General of the Environment, Water and Agriculture Office in Al-Ahsa.

Mr. Saud bin Abdulaziz Al-Gosaibi - Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Date Oil Trading Establishment.

Center employees:

Director of the Center of Research Excellence in Palms and Dates:

Dr.. Nashi bin Khaled Al-Qahtani

Coordinator of research affairs at the center and head of the date palm economics program:
Mr. Dr. Hassan Muzamil Ali Dinar

Director of Administrative and Financial Affairs at the Centre:
A. Ahmed bin Suleiman Sharahili

Public Relations and Media Officer at the Centre:
A. Walid bin Khaled Al-Haider

Head of the Sustainable Palm Pest Management Program:
Dr.. Hamdto Abdel-Faraj Al-Shafie

Head of the date palm precision engineering techniques program:
Dr.. Majed Al-Sayed Ahmed

Head of the Date Palm Biotechnology Program:
Mr. Dr. Hisham Sayed Tawfiq Ghazawi

Head of the Date Palm Food and Processing Industries Program:
Dr.. Hisham Abdel Moneim Ibrahim


Dr.. Muhammad Mounir

Dr.. Babiker Muhammad Ahmed Abdel-Banat

Mr. Dr. Hatem Makki Muhammad Makki

Walid bin Ali Al-Sanain

Abdul Majeed bin Muhammad Al-Bahijan

Omar bin Ibrahim Al-Jaafari

Abdullah bin Saeed Al-Abd Al-Aziz

Research assistants:

Mubarak bin Ali Al-Mawaid

Muhammad bin Dhafer Al-Saqour

Hatem bin Muhammad Asiri

laboratory technician:

Ibrahim bin Abdullah Bukhuh


Mubarak Ahmed bin Hindi

Muhammad Abdullah Hattab