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King Faisal University

Center of Research Excellence in Date Palm


Palms Research Center


The administration of palms research center, with the support and directing given by the principal of king Faisal University, Dr. Yousef Muhammad El gandan, sought to get a financial fund of 30 million SR to develop the center and turn it into a distinguished research center to enhance the efficiency of the university in the field of scientific research and technological development related to researches on the palm and dates because of King Faisal University carrying a feature in this area. The center will be a way to attract researchers collaborating with the Centre and will strengthen support for the partnership in scientific research between the university and government and private sector and support the learning process and increase the ability of contact center research institutions the world, to take the Kingdom of its scientific relations between producing countries in the world and its economic status consistent with the volume of production of dates.


The Department Research Center and palm dates to hold a meeting of a focus group of experienced and some of the relevant authorities in the agricultural sector for El Ehsa' at the University headquarter in the presence of His Excellency the Vice President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Dr. Abdullah Ibrahim Al-Saadat, where His Excellency the Director of the Center palms and dates showed a presentation on the most important features of the development plan of the Centre and submitted to the Ministry of Higher Education, as well as the most important terms of the agreement with the Ministry of Higher Education to establish a Center of Excellence in research in the palm and dates and then traded the debate and gather opinions and proposals and ideas of primary that would work to achieve the requirements and standards of the Centre for Research Excellence to serve the goals for which they were supporting the Centre.


Also the management research center and palm dates sought to hold a workshop with the participation of a number of experienced faculty members and researchers and palm trees and dates in both the public and private this is in addition to the participation of the undersecretary of the ministry of agriculture and a representative from the ministry of higher education. As the most important items has been presented from the Center of palm and dates of the Ministry of Higher Education according to the criteria the ministry to create centers of excellence in addition to the keynote lecture by an expert of the Food and Agriculture in Saudi Arabia in which he offered a presentation of the success factors required for the Centre and how to cooperate with similar centers worldwide. The University has some of the participants to benefit from excellence in the fourth symposium palm, which coincided with the first on the effectiveness of the workshop. In the light of the proposals and recommendations from the experts participating in the workshop was to work on restoring the preparation, revision and review of the research proposal that was submitted again of the Ministry of Higher Education.


The University President has appointed the Board of Directors of the Centre under the chairmanship of His Excellency the Vice President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research and the membership of: Dr. Saad bin Abdullah al-Barrak, Dr. Fahd Bin Nasser Al-Melhem, Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Mohsen Al-Melhem Dean of Scientific Research , Dr. Salah Ben Mohamed Eid Director, Centre for Research and palm dates, and Dr. Mohammed bin Abdullah Ayver Dean of the College of Agricultural and Food Sciences, Dr. Fouad Bin Ahmed Al-Mubarak, general supervisor of administrative and financial affairs at the University, Professor / Ahmed bin Nasser Ajaji factory manager dates of the island, and Eng / bin Mahdi Yassin Yassin Ramadan Chairman of the Group of agricultural and Professor / Walid bin Hassan Afaleq Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Palm cooperative in El Ehsa'. And the directors' board supervises the work of the Governing Council Research Center and palm dates according to the rules governing the research centers of excellence funded by the Ministry of Higher Education.


The composition of the Advisory Centre's decision of the University President and composed of the Research Center Director and palm dates, and Prof. Dr. Abdel Wahab Al Zayed General Coordinator of the International Network for the date palm United Arab Emirates University (from abroad), and the expert Michael Ferry Scientific Director of the Research Center of Palm in Spain , Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Basary wahed, Director of the Institute of Malaysian palm oil, and Prof. Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed Hamdan, from King Saud University, and Prof. Dr. Hassan Muzammil Ali Dinar of the FAO expert in the Kingdom. The functions of the members of the Advisory Body to provide their opinions and experiences and scientific research center in accordance with the rules of the organization of centers of research excellence funded by the Ministry of Higher Education.


Controls have also been developed to support the center's research has been approved by the Board of Directors its session first, and has been ratified by His Excellency the Rector, was announce the launch of research priorities in the areas of palm and dates to enable researchers to submit their proposals for research center .