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King Faisal University


Vital development unit:

Supervised by Dr. Gameel Muhammad Al Khayry.


His functions include the following:

To oversee the management of the Centre technical, administrative and financial. The Board of Directors of the Centre consists of the Vice President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research (Chairman), Director of the Centre (a member), three to five members of the well-known in the field of work of the Centre appointed by decision of the Rector upon the nomination of the Director of the Centre and two members from outside the University appointed by the Rector for a period of two years renewable.


The functions of the directors' board:

1.    Setting policies and strategic plans (operational, etc.) to achieve the objectives of the Centre.

2.    Setting the internal rules of the Centre do not contradict with the rules or regulations in force at the University

3.    Establishment of administrative units, or modified to organize the work place

4.    Composition of the Advisory Centre and adoption of its members nominated by the Director of the Centre

5.    The endorsement of a support center's research, according to the Center's financial regulations


Adoption of agreements scientific and research cooperation with scientific bodies and research within and outside the Kingdom, as well as the adoption of the establishment of workshops, conferences and other events related to the activities proposed by the Centre Advisory Board


1.    Participate in workshops, courses and conferences bringing together the experts by specialty tissue to find out the obstacles and problems facing the industry and palm dates.

2.    Scientific research, including field visits to companies.

3.    Statistical analysis and report writing.

4.    To publish in scientific journals specialized.

5.    Preparation and coordination of seminars, workshops and training courses.

6.    Serving the community.


In the unit: researcher Mubarak Ali Me'weed.