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King Faisal University

Institute of Studies and Consultations

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Designing and implementing Saudi agricultural good practices standards


The standards in this project will help farmers achieve high levels of food safety and quality sustainability. This approach has been designed to ensure the rapid spread of the proposed standards. We understand that the Ministry wants to provide meaningful and rapid benefits to small farmers and consumers. After a quick review of the international standards and evaluation of the local gaps in the safety of agricultural production. We will test the proposed Saudi Good Agricultural Practices metrics with farmers. Then we will focus on an intensive program to implement these standards in the various agricultural regions in the Kingdom.

Goals :

   1- Food Safety :

Assist farmers and producers in meeting food safety standards established by government regulations by food distributors and consumers.

Introduce food tracking to help detect and identify food contaminants.

    2- environment protection :

.  Assist farmers and producers in meeting environmental safety regulations designed to protect land, water and air quality.

·  Integrated water management practices at the farm level in line with the new water law introduced by the government.

    3- Health and safety of employment :

.   Helping farmers to improve worker health and safety through proper use of disinfection, safe handling of agricultural equipment, and safe use of pesticides and other practices.

    4- Animal safety :

.  Improving animal welfare through good health management practices and humane treatment in line with government regulations and consumer expectations.