Tuesday 23/11/1441 - 14/07/2020

Institute of Research and Consulting


 Dean's message

The establishment of the Institute of Research and Consultations at King Faisal University is an achievement and a valuable achievement for the University and the homeland and expresses a deep awareness of the importance of the role of the University in supporting sustainable national development and serving its society. 
The Institute provides scientific solutions, consultancy and specialized expertise to various governmental and private bodies.

The Institute has a wealth of experience and a wealth of material, human and knowledge derived from its vast experiences and the university's potential, expertise and reputation in the field of spreading knowledge, science and community service. King Faisal University is one of the oldest universities in the Kingdom and throughout the Arab world. There is no doubt that the development of all societies in all fields necessitates that they remain informed and benefit from it. This is why the Institute of Research and Consultations is required to respond to the demands of society and the requirements of developing its structure and its productive and service structures.

With the support of the University administration and the efforts of its members and associate researchers, the Institute is highly trusted by many important organizations and organizations in the region as a result of its efforts, experience and experience in managing several joint research projects such as irrigation projects with the United Nations, FAO and training projects with Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health as well as projects of the Ministry of Water and Electricity and Saudi Aramco Energy Projects, in addition to the Institute's partnerships with prestigious international bodies and universities such as Oxford, Michigan, New York and others.
The Institute will continue to increase its efforts to build, sincerity, advice and assistance, and will always strive to be one of the most fundamental and strategic options for national institutions and organizations through its excellence in providing advisory, research and training services.

Prof. Abdulrhman Bin Ahmed Al-maharfi
Institute Dean