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King Faisal University

Institute of Studies and Consultations

 Dean's message


 Dean of the Institute of Research and Consultancy

Praise  be to ALLAH ,Prayers and Peace be upon the messenger of ALLAH   Due to the great challenges that invade and afflict the society and  people now and then ,the  need for study and the scientific research with its methods  research and procedures, is necessary for any field of knowledge, as it is the true motivator for creating culture and innovation in the future.

 King Faisal University, believing in the importance of consulting research, has rushed to establish an institute for research and consultations to provide scientific and practical solutions besides providing the expertise and advisory in addition to the research services, according to a clear methodology with all partners from various governmental, private and community sectors. The institute supports them with creative research and advisory ideas besides organizing training courses. It will contribute to the service of sustainable developmental requirements and cognitive investment in all fields, in order to achieve the mission and vision of King Faisal University, and be in line with the vision of the Kingdom 2030, and thus contribute in the improvement of our dear Kingdom.

Bearing in mind the fact that  the university is abundant with multiple resources that enable it to move to broader horizons and aspirations, this will  make it keep pace with the scientific and technical acceleration among  universities, and because the Institute for Research and Consultations is an integral part of the innovation system and the strategic system of business agreements, it deals with  the university's agreements with  establishments heading for achieving the university goals , developing its projects, developing its own resources, and highlighting its role in providing scientific, research and advisory perceptions specialized in the identity of the university and its various specializations.

Finally, I pray to Allah that the Institute's efforts will be crowned with success and continuous development towards making a distinguished and bright future in research and consulting studies, and be a house of expertise, a national home of distinguished advisory. The institute built partnerships with many local sectors. According to its accomplishments, it was able to build strategic partnerships with local sectors. It provides the best services. This makes it one of the most important basic and strategic options on offers.