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King Faisal University

Institute of Studies and Consultations

Dean's Introduction

     Established in 1975, King Faisal University is one of the earliest established universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With an emphasis on scientific research from the beginning, King Faisal University has played an important role in the development of scientific knowledge in the Kingdom in general, and in the Eastern Province in particular. In addition, with its focus on teaching and practical application, King Faisal University continues its proud tradition of both education and community service.

    The King Faisal Institute for Research and Consulting (KFIRC) plays a pivotal role at the university; bridging the gap between the research community, the private and public sectors, and the community by providing consultancy services, university expertise, and by spearheading synergistic collaborations with local, regional, and international partners.

    Since its inception in 1431 (2009) the KFIRC has supervised and administered several significant projects including a joint UN-FAO irrigation research project as well as a major project  awarded by the Ministry of Education to facilitate training for new public school teachers in Saudi Arabia. In addition, the KFIRC is engaged in discussions with a variety of international institutions such as the University of Oxford, the University of Michigan, York University and others, to undertake joint research, consultancy, and development projects. Ventures such as these highlight the key role that the KFIRC will play in the advancement of the strategic goals of the King Faisal University and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.      

    It is my humble honor and pleasure to serve in the role as the Dean of the KFIRC, an institution which forges the hopes and aspirations of the citizens of our great country together with the expertise and goals of our valued institutions to achieve the dreams of future generations, with the help of Allah. 

                                                          Dean of the Institute