Saturday 13/11/1441 - 04/07/2020

Science and Technology Unit


 Director's Message

The Scientific Evolution the world witnesses throughout all technological fields is considered the main source for knowledge, which in turn, can turn countries from a conventional economy dependent to a knowledge economy dependent. An economy built on knowledge is an important venue to ensure strong and sustainable economy with outputs that reflect directly on the citizen, and on the scientific level, the innovation, and creativity of the nation.
The Saudi government and its wise leadership have sought to grow the knowledge economy role in the Kingdom. This is clear from the focus given to sciences and different scientific research fields. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia also focused on using the modern techniques and it provided the means of knowledge to researches across the kingdom to support and raise the level of scientific and technical research. That in turn shall have a great effect in establishing the foundations to grow the Knowledge Economy that will serve all economic fields and will result in overall development that our wise government seeks.
The National Plan for Science, Technology, and Innovation program is the powertrain that leads the scientific research in the kingdom to achieve the country's ambitions for human, research, and Technological advancements. In addition, it enables the universities to develop scientific research to coup with the requirements of this age. This should help acquiring the Knowledge economy needed for the sustainable development stage and for the advancement of Scientific Technical research. Furthermore, it enables Saudi Arabia to take its place between the developed countries and become a main supplier for knowledge in the advanced and the Arabic worlds.
King Faisal University, through the Science and Technology Unit, spares no effort in achieving the goals of this plan through the effective participations from the university's researchers. This includes the effective role the university practices in motivating researchers and strengthening their skills by securing scientific research needs and creating the spirit of competitiveness. The University arranges research priorities throughout a comprehensive observation of faculty's capabilities and supporting them with needed scientific experiences. The university also works on providing modern technical systems to overcome the problems facing researchers in addition to providing suitable environment for scientific research, creativity, and innovation. 

Dr. Abdullah Aljaafari
Director of The Unit and the President of The Scientific and technical Committees