King Faisal University

Science and Technology Unit

 About the Unit

Scientific research is the foundation to uplift and elevate the community. It is one of the most important core goals of the university. Because of that, the university focused on strategic planning and its effective role in development. Therefore, it strived vigorously to gather the capabilities, scientific, and technical skills to develop systems, Infrastructure, scientific research, both technically and qualitatively. The university considers the Science and Technology unit the main supporter when it comes to developing the research skills to keep the pace with the strategic directions in all science and technology fields identified by the national plan for science, technology, and innovation.
 The Science and Technology Unit can be defined as "an Independent unit supervised directly by his Excellency the Vice Rector for Graduate studies and Scientific Research, and managed by his Excellency the director of the Science and Technology Unit according to the established rules and regulations in addition to some supporting committees".
The unit is linked administratively to the General Secretariat of the National Plan for Science and Technology in Kings Abdulaziz City of Science And Technology. The Unit manages and coordinates Programs and Projects related to science and technology activities in the university, following up on the implementation, and ensuring the activities' compatibility with the long-term priorities and directives of the National Plan for Science and Technology.