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King Faisal University

College of Engineering

Workshops & Seminars​

1)  Recycling and Rehabilitation of Asphalt Pavement 

The chair organized a short course titled "Recycling and Rehabilitation of Asphalt Pavement" on May 10-11, 2015, at AlAhsa Intercontinental Hotel.  There were 33 participants from government and private organizations including Ministry of Transport, municipalities, universities, Saudi Aramco.


2)  Benchmarking Pavement Practices for KSA Roadways

The chair organized one-day seminar on May 8, 2016 at the premises of Ministry of Transport in Riyadh. The main objective of seminar was to relay the finding of a study conducted to benchmark pavement practices in KSA against those adopted in the other GCC countries as well as international best practices.



3)  Safe and Sustainable Pavement Systems in the Gulf Region

In November 6-7, 2016, the chair organized an international symposium on "Safe and Sustainable Pavement Systems in the Gulf Region". The symposium brought international and regional experts together to address key issues on pavement safety, durability, and sustainability in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the Gulf Region. It provided a forum for exchange of knowledge and experience on recent advancements in pavements to extend airfield and highway pavement service life, limit disruption to traffic, minimize accidents, and reduce emission into the environment. Participants from government agencies, industry, and academia l discussed ways to build and maintain safe pavements for the future.


4)  Life Cycle Assessment and Sulfur Extended Asphalt

One-day workshop on "Life Cycle Assessment and Sulfur Extended Asphalt" on 29 October 2017. The workshop was organized as a part of research project "Life-Cycle Assessment of Using Sulfur-Extended Asphalt in Pavements".  The primary objective of the workshop was to publicize the achieved knowledge from the project among stockholders in the KSA to help in decision-making processes in using Sulfur-Extended Asphalt concerning environmental impacts. In addition, the workshop made a demonstration and hands-on training on the developed LCA software (SEL2ECT v1.0) for the end users in the different stakeholders in the Kingdom. Moreover, the workshop brought a great opportunity for the experts to meet and exchange their experiences and views on the potential usage of Sulfur-Extended Asphalt in the KSA


5)    Asphalt Binder Specification –Current Practice in the US, Future Trends, and Perspectives on Using Sulfur Extended Asphalt

Very recently, on February 04, 2019,  the chair organized one-day workshop on  "Asphalt Binder Specification –Current Practice in the US, Future Trends, and Perspectives on Using Sulfur Extended Asphalt". History of sulfur use in flexible pavement, overview of various technologies to incorporate sulfur in paving material and historical cases was discussed. Recent research work on SEA, including its effectiveness as a partial replacement of bitumen and mortars and recent results from ongoing study on this topic was presented.