King Faisal University

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Pediatric department deals with the knowledge of pediatric diseases in its various medical specialties. It is concerned with training students on the bases of medical treatment with pediatric patients, clinical, laboratory and imaging tests, treatment methods for children, and advice for families of children regarding treatment, prevention, nutrition and psychosocial support on professional bases. Pediatrics interacts with basic sciences and other specialties.


The Department of Pediatrics consists of a dynamic and growing faculty dedicated to the highest quality patient care, research, and educational activity devoted to improving the health of children.


Department of Pediatrics impart the curricular requirements and educational excellence of undergraduate students in the field pediatrics of different age groups. It facilitates the students to comprehend and explore the Medical, Diagnostic and Clinical aspects pediatrics, so that they can apply this in their Medical Practice in future. The academic activities of the department are carried out in alignment with the Curriculum objective.


Pediatric department has a well-equipped skill and simulation laboratory for undergraduate practical and clinical teaching in the clinical training center (CTC) building. This center has all mannequin and instruments essential for clinical training. In addition, the Audio visual aids especially for cardiac and respiratory systems. In the Practical sessions, the undergraduate students learn several practically relevant skills including how to examine each body system, Principles of history taking, differential diagnosis, requesting investigations with proper interpretation, how to reach diagnosis and management on the basis of 6-step treatment plane. This is followed with bedside teaching on real patients to apply and practice what did they learn, acquire, and develop their clinical skills.