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College of Computer Sciences & Information Technology



 Computer & Information Technology is by far the largest & fastest growing industry in the world. Demand for high performance computing is a driving force for developments in all aspects of business & education. At the same time, computers have become an integral part of many large systems that require sophisticated control, including automobiles, medical instrumentation, telecommunication systems & factory automation. Computers play a major role in many of today's exciting new technologies, including consumer products, interactive multimedia & high-speed computer networks. The development of these applications requires skillful professionals qualified in both hardware & software design. As a result of this increased demand for highly skilled graduates in Information

College Establishment

 College of Computer Science & Information Technology (CCSIT) in King Faisal University (KFU) was established in 2003.

College Vision

 To be an internationally recognized college of excellence, providing and promoting, state-of-the-art teaching, research, and community engagement.


College Mission

 To establish the college as a world-class and innovative institute of repute in high quality education and research, preparing graduates as contributors and leaders in various fields of computer sciences and IT; To support community in comprehending, transferring, adapting, and integrating latest technologies into their everyday life.


CCSIT Goals (Based on KFU Goals):

  1. Excellence in learning and teaching in all fields of CS and IT
  2. Applicative, collaborative, and recognized research in key CCSIT areas
  3. Continuing development of CCSIT faculty and staff
  4. Improving CCSIT resources, facilities and infrastructure
  5. Lifelong learning opportunities in all fields of CS and IT
  6. An effectively and efficiently run CCSIT organization
  7. Benefiting community through IT based solutions