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King Faisal University

College of Computer Sciences & Information Technology


The Development and Quality Assurance Committee aims to ensure the quality of the educational process in academic programs and follow up on the implementation of accreditation requirements for college programs in a way that ensures the maintenance of local and international accreditations for academic programs, and propose development plans and hold workshops for faculty members.

The most important tasks of the committee:

  • Follow up on everything issued by the National Authority for Academic Evaluation and Accreditation, the Deanship of Development and Quality Assurance regarding quality and development, and circulate it to the various departments of the college.
  • Evaluating the quality of the educational, research and service process at the college (self-evaluation), by conducting surveys or surveys for individuals or beneficiaries.
  • Spreading the culture of quality and introducing it within the college, by holding internal courses for students, faculty members, technicians and administrators
  • Study the “course evaluation” reports conducted by college students, come up with appropriate recommendations for each course, and discuss them with the head of the relevant academic department.
  • Follow up on the implementation of the course report and the program report with the academic departments in the college at the end of each semester or quarter, and receive the final reports of the workshops held by the departments to discuss the course and program reports. Implementing the requirements of the quality management system at King Faisal University .
  • Preparing an annual plan to determine the training needs of college employees and following up on its implementation. Supervising and following up on preparation programs for new college employees.
  • Study the transactions referred by the college dean to the committee, express an opinion about them, and make the necessary recommendations regarding them
  • Proposing a mechanism to stimulate excellence and creativity in the performance of faculty members, and nominating the distinguished among them for excellence awards at the college/university/community level.

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