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King Faisal University

قسم المناهج و طرق التدريس (قسم مساعد)

The Curriculum and Instruction Department is one of the supporting departments within the College of Education, focusing on educational preparation without granting a Bachelor's degree. It plays a vital role in the educational development and preparation of students by offering educational courses for College of Education students. Additionally, the department supervises practical education for students in public schools, instructing educational courses across various specializations within the college.

The department concentrates on research, studies, and curriculum development in educational specialties - planning, design, and evaluation. It also emphasizes teaching skills, methods, and strategies, including teaching approaches for special needs individuals (those with disabilities, learning difficulties, and the gifted).

Currently, the department is led by Dr. Khaled bin Saad bin Abdulrahman Al Mutrib. Its focus encompasses enhancing educational methods and techniques, and ensuring comprehensive and effective learning methodologies across various educational domains.