King Faisal University

Mathematics and Statistics

Chairman's Message

First, praise be to Allah, who taught by the pen (the use of the pen). He taught man that which he knew not. I confer blessings upon the Prophet - the greatest teacher- (peace be upon him) and I salute him, his family, companions, and those who follow them and learn. Mathematics is considered as the mother of all sciences. It is the central axis, the foundation and the core of all scientific sciences. It is essential to master its competences and applications to recognize and comprehend the rest of the natural sciences. Therefore, developed countries and prestigious universities are keen on Mathematics. They are enthusiastic about its development to serve as a precious key to understand different theories and applications and to establish the foundation of the needed scientists who have critical thinking and profound analytical skills. Based on this concept, the Department of Mathematics at the Faculty of Science in King Faisal University has strived to offer quality bachelor, master and doctorate mathematics programs on various tracks. This is stemmed from the immense importance of this science as well as the Kingdom's prospective need for specialists in this field to realize the anticipated goals of the Kingdom's 2030 Vision. Therefore we are required to provide our students with a high quality education that includes the needed knowledge, skills and the practical experience that help them to rise to the height of glory. Furthermore, the mathematics department offers a prominent role in scientific research by its high quality research publications in all areas of mathematics which have been published in international journals and international conferences, as well as by authoring a group of specialized books in different branches of mathematics. To achieve our objectives and our distinctive vision the department has appointed a number of researchers and academic staff with the highest expertise and skills to provide a distinguished education to our students. By the willing of Allah, the mathematics department is moving forward in adopting quality programs required by the labor market in order to serve our beloved country and to contribute to our high education system.

This site provides information about the Department of Mathematics, its plans, programs, courses, faculty members, activities and faculty research and research projects. Finally, I hope that this site is a window to underline the development of scientific research in the Mathematics Department. We are pleased to hear all the opinions and suggestions that aim to improve the services provided by our department and to improve its educational outcomes and the development process. May Allah the Almighty bless our Prophet (master) Muhammad (PBUH), his family, and all his companions.