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King Faisal University

College of Science

An Introduction:

Academic guidance involves providing university students with knowledge about the systems and regulations governing the educational process within the college. This knowledge is instrumental in enabling students to navigate their studies smoothly, avoiding problems or obstacles. 

Academic guidance plays a pivotal role in fostering a special relationship between students and faculty members within the college. It aims to familiarize students with the college's academic and student systems, offering various educational opportunities to help students choose specializations aligned with their abilities, interests, and aspirations. 

Moreover, it assists students in progressing through their studies optimally, overcoming obstacles, and utilizing the full spectrum of services and resources offered by the college.

The College of Sciences was among the first to recognize the significance of academic guidance in enhancing the educational process within the college. The Academic Guidance Committee, overseen by the College's Academic Affairs Dean, collaborates with department heads and faculty to implement and monitor academic guidance programs. These programs are built upon a scientifically grounded plan.

The Academic Guidance Unit at the College of Sciences endeavors to provide guidance services tailored to students' needs, aiming to enhance their skills necessary for achieving their academic goals. Furthermore, the unit is committed to continually developing these services in line with global academic guidance standards applied across various educational institutions.