King Faisal University

College of Applied Medical Sciences

Dr. Ahmed Mansour Al Rajeh

Office of the College's Vice Dean

Dr. Ahmed Mansour Al Rajeh

The College of Applied Medical Sciences at King Faisal University aims to establish a reputable standing both locally and internationally in teaching medical sciences and meeting the Saudi society's need for healthcare specialists in nursing, clinical nutrition, public health, and health informatics.

Since its inception, the College's Academic Affairs Office has been dedicated to offering modern medical science programs aligned with international standards. This is achieved by fostering a conducive learning environment and preparing students academically, technically, professionally, and ethically. The goal is to equip them to become capable professionals, contributing to their country and self-development.

The Office collaborates with its affiliated committees to ensure the provision of resources, facilities, and generous support for scientific training. This is coupled with enhancing practical skills and enriching extracurricular activities for students. Additionally, the Office initiates qualitative initiatives for community service, strengthening partnerships with its diverse components.

Departments and Services Offered:

Admission and Registration

Student Activities

Continuing Education and Professional Development

Scientific Research and Postgraduate Studies

Community Partnerships

Training and Internships


Medical Affairs

Alumni Services

Development and Quality Assurance