King Faisal University

College of Applied Medical Sciences

The Committee for Development and Quality Assurance at the College of Applied Medical Sciences (C-DQAC) undertakes the responsibility of disseminating a culture of quality across the faculty, staff, and students. It ensures that all academic courses implemented within the various programs at the college align with the standards recommended by the National Committee for Academic Accreditation and Assessment, as well as international accrediting bodies.

Moreover, the C-DQAC aims to enhance the professional development of faculty members by organizing training courses in specific areas identified for improvement. To fulfill these multifaceted responsibilities, the committee has established subcommittees focusing on Education and Learning, Governance, Accreditation, Professional Development of Faculty and Staff, Partnership and Scientific Research, and Student Affairs and Alumni.

Dr. Eduardo Fabella
Chair of the Development and Quality Assurance Committee 
  Phone: 966135898460
Dr. Melanie Adolfo
Vice Chair of the Development and Quality Assurance Committee
Phone: 966135896546